Pickers, singers, good gigs & good juju. -

January 19, 2018

We're gearing up for new shows in 2018 w/ an uber cool & talented line up of pickers & singers who'll be joining the Seven Westers.  Check it out: 

Flat picking & singing comes as naturally to John Bestwick as the breeze on the Blueridge or the tools in his hands in his wood shop.  When John isn't building Jumbo Bottom Barrel Works' coveted wine barrel furniture (or playing w/ his 3 kids or gigging w/ Sam Kroiz & Kurt Schwartz & Short Hill Mountain Boys or another project) he holds down the rhythm & duo singing w/ Janet Emma, always lending a new harmony twist or idea as Janet Emma, John & Joe work out the evolution of the sound & the band.  Soulful dude, John Bestwick.  Joe Hammett (we like accomplished carpenters in this band) also prone to killer three part harmony & keen arrangements, sheds with Janet Emma to flesh out & revamp original songs to give them a bit of a fresh twist for this new project.  Joe holds the bar high - for himself & the band, & all benefit from his drive.  He brings HEART.  Rare.  Essential.  Appreciated.  Expect newly written songs to emerge from this collaboration, as well.  Can't help but write when you've got fellas this great to hang & pick & sing with.  "Mando Joe" wields a hollow body Gretsch acquired for this project as we lean this thing a little towards our beloved Gypsy jazz while staying true to bluegrass, old time & country roots, but you'll hear his mandolin sing on some of the grassier tunes, as well.  No shortage of chops or heart with these fellas. 

Buddy Wolfe joins the band for two killer October shows!  If you know bluegrass, you probably know Buddy Wolfe!  We can't wait!  Janet Emma met Buddy back when she ran The Americana State and Buddy came to play w/ McGraw Gap in Leesburg.  What a blast ~  then & now! 

Ben Walters, pal of Janet Emma's since he was in High School & she was a school bus driver, brings his stellar & authentic fiddle chops to the mix.  Dave Hurt of Dry Mill Road is a joy to hear & work with on the big bass fiddle.  We expect to be seeing more of Dave & a bit of Randy Ball as the project evolves.  Great bass players are hard to come by & always busy, so we'll keep these two amazing players around just in case one needs a day off.  ;) 

The cherry on top of this ice cream sundae is Janet Emma's dear friend & monsterrhythm man Michael Andre Aubin of the Deanna Bogart Band.  Mikey's dynamic, orchestral, out of the box style of drumming stretches the limits and allows us to reach across musical lines & straddle the bluegrass, country & gypsy jazz lines.  We are a lucky bunch to have Mikey as part of this little 'family'. 

Zac Townsend brings a killer skill set to the band.  Zac will be drummin' October 2018 shows along w/ John, Joe, Dave, Buddy & Janet Emma!  Can't wait! 

Come see why!  Come see how happy & lucky Janet Emma feels to be able to work with folks like this.  You'll likely hear a few special guests & surpises along the way - cuz we're lucky like that. 

Can't wait.  Holler if there is a venue you'd like to see us play.  We'll reach out & hopefully see you there! 

The band name may change, but we'll let you know.  If you have an opinion about that, by all means, let us know.  We have some things up our sleeves, but we'd love to know what you think.  Please join the email list, and sign the Guest List!  We're grateful to have someone to play & sing for!  Cheers!