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Janet Emma & Seven West: Songs


(w/ Ron Flynt on the Wurlitzer)
May 1, 2009
janet emma garbe/julia kasdorf, bunkhouse songs, copyright 2009
Think end of the line..end of your rope...think Dennis Hopper in black and white. This too shall pass, but it sure don't feel like that tonight.
I wanna hide in a motel
No one knows where I’m goin’
I won’t ever tell
Gonna hide in my own shell

Want my own little door
To my own little world
Give me a number I don’t need a name
I’m gonna hide in a motel hmmmmm

I’m on dirt road, in a dirt life
Dusty neon flashing by the road side
Gonna hole up, cause I’m so tired

Light a fire to your letters
Toss memories off a tall bridge headfirst
Gotta bad head, and a mean, mean thirst