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Janet Emma & Seven West: Songs

Someone Somewhere Tonight

(w/ special guest Ron Flynt)
May 1, 2009
walt wilkins, curb congregation (sesac)/davis raines (shell point music (bmi)
I am blessed to call Walt Wilkins a friend, but I'm also a huge fan. I love Walt's singing, revere his songwriting, and was THRILLED that he took me on and produced GHOSTFIELDS. This song is one of Walt's that just stunned me. I asked his permission to record it, and was deeply honored that he said yes. I had to record it RIGHT in front of him...whoa. Afterward, he said it was his FAVORITE version. (Kenny Rogers and Pam Tillis also recorded this gem. Walt like my rendition. His words were more precious to me than anything. Ever. I am humbled. Ron Flynt loves this song as much as I do, and I am honored and delighted that he played and sang so beautifully on it. It's one of my very favorites.
Someone somewhere tonight is taking their first steps
Letting go of the hands that held them
And trusting themselves
Someone somewhere tonight is hearing their last rights
And hoping with all their might
That there’s something else

Well baby, lie down here beside me
Let’s lie real still
Tell me you love me
And you always will

Someone somewhere tonight is tasting their first kiss
Whispering softly this wish for the night to go on
While someone somewhere tonight
Is holding on to a bottle pouring one more and praying God will
Get them through ‘til the dawn

Someone somewhere tonight is stuck in a prison and they’re breathing, but just barely living
Behind walls of their own
Ah but someone somewhere tonight just found their own wings found some beauty found some truth found some meaning
In spite of it all