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Janet Emma & Seven West: Songs

Blanket Of Snow

(w/ special guest Austin Cunningham)
May 1, 2009
kevin welch, moraine music group (sesac)/gary scruggs, starstruck angel music (bmi)
I've been blessed to call Kevin a friend for over a decade. His songwriting reaches me and inspires me in a soulful, deep way. Always has. This one just fit me as I was finishing the songs for this record. I asked Kev if I could borrow it. I hope he likes it okay when he hears it.
Winding down
Winding down this road
Winding down this road that leads to nowhere
but home
and he's not there
Winding up
Winding up alone
Winding up alone most every evening
I try
not to care

I used to wrap his love around me
kept me warm when the wind would blow
Now only memories surround me
Like a blanket of snow

Love is warm
Love is warm and kind
Love is warm and kind of like his shoulder
It turns cold
and then it's gone
Love is cold
Love is cold as ice
Love is cold as ice when it's over
But I'm
still holding on